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New Jersey, United States
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80's music, bad tv, baths, bisexuality, blended drinks with umbrellas, buddhism, cats, cooking, crafts, creative in the suburbs, criminal minds seasons 1/2, crocheting, cute clothes, dead like me, diet coke, e-books, e-publishing, fangirls and boys, feminism, flip flops, gardening, gilmore girls, good conversation, good tv, great books, great movies, h50, happily ever after, interior design, jewelry making, liberal politics, lost, men and elves, moderate kink, naps, new star trek, oth, police procedurals, pro-choice, shopping, socialism, supernatural, the sentinel, various hobbits, wicca, yoga, zen
This is a NICE ZONE. I mean, I get cranky sometimes but generally speaking, I don't exist in this sphere of the interwebs to diss or bitch or grow evil in my compost pile. Not my thing man. Not my thing.

Professional writer (published novels, editor, freelancer), media whore, suburban wife & mom but no mom jeans.

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